Blockchain Consulting means getting to know the underlying business, integration, and then development.  Before any organization incorporates a new technology it is important to understand the underlying business first.  Many businesses will make the mistake of doing the opposite - paying a development company to build software and then struggle with integration.  Learn about what Bloc10 can do for your business.

ICO / STO / Coin Launch

Let’s face it - an ICO is an alternative to crowdfunding and venture capital.  Bloc10 has a Wall St. background and we know how to do this the right way.  That is not to say we will recommend against ICO however there are other options.  An ICO needs to be done properly from the start.  We will consult with you through the full cycle of the process including but not limited to coin creation, dashboard and wallet creation and implementation, legal and regulatory consulting, and staging a campaign to attract investors.  We can help with the design and architecture of your product - no product is beyond our reach.  We have consultants with a variety of skill sets, ready and willing to work on your project.  What you see on an ICO website is 5% of the work done - like an iceberg.  Choose a team with deep skills capable of delivering.

  • ICO capital flow management

  • KYC / AML and compliance with experienced pros

  • Customer communications

  • Payment processing and management

  • Related services (auditing, taxes, backoffice)



Any business logic, algorithm, business process, trading process - can be coded into a smart contract.  As with any technical job, the programming is only a small percent of the overall job.  Bloc10 can map out the process in a flow chart which can be then programmed into a smart contract.  The smart contracts execute as any algorithmic process suitable for the underlying need.

  • conceptual (high level) token design

  • smart-contract coding, structuring

  • implementation, testing, deployment

  • support & maintenance ongoing



The most obvious use of smart contract (Blockchain) technology is in the financial markets.  Bloc10 has the experience to program your trading strategy, your trading business logic, or related use case into a smart contract.  If you want to be a Crypto exchange, Bloc10 can assist to create the full cycle product for you - whether you are in banking, insurance, brokerage, trading, or investment management.  The financial services industry is the brightest and most obvious use case for Blockchain technology (but certainly not the only one).  We have the experience working in a regulated capacity for large financial institutions.



Potential uses of Blockchain are infinite.  Real Estate developers are using Blockchain for property records.  Universities are using Blockchain to issue diplomas securely.  Governments are using Blockchain for the Military.  Bloc10 can not only get the job done, Bloc10 can help understand what the job is - this is known as consulting.  We are a full service consultant, that can examine your underlying business and propose a Blockchain solution for you.



Bloc10 is founded by a company that’s been in the consulting business for more than 30 years - Charter Global.  Our experience with Fortune 500 clients gives us a perspective that is unique.  With Bloc10 we brought on board a team of experienced FinTech traders and developers, combined with Charter Global’s vast corporate ERP experience it’s the perfect recipe for project success.

  • Bloc10 will help you get into Crypto

  • Project Planning - Roadmap creation

  • Proof of Concept

  • Full Stack, Full Cycle implementation

  • Business and Technical support & management (operations) for the life of the product


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