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Total Cryptos adds ICO Whitepaper Database - In order to provide our Total Cryptos Members with the most possible value, we have cultivated a list of top Whitepapers and compiled them into our Member exclusive ICO Whitepaper Database.  Currently featuring more than 185+ Whitepapers and growing, this database is great for Crypto investment research, or for those who want to read Whitepapers of leading ICOs & STOs.  Discuss them in our forums for Members Only - and Only at Total Cryptos!

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..but that’s not all.  That’s just something we’ve recently added.

Summary of what TC members get access to:

  • Machine Learning Engine (MLE) with regularly updated Crypto price forecasts (PreAct)
  • Our monthly analysis reports, providing deep-analysis of the Crypto markets
  • Meta Trader 4 Expert Advisor “Bitcoin Trend Bot” a fully automated trend following algorithm (works only on brokers who offer the MT4/MT5 platform)
  • Crypto Currency trading algorithms, for manual execution or automated programming (pool of 10+ strategies, developed over 10 years)
  • .. Access to our Crypto investing and trading strategies as we develop them
  • Ask our analysts - access to the world’s best analysis from our experienced team of advisors.
  • ICO Whitepaper Database - 185 + of the best ICO/STO Whitepapers (continually updated)

In addition, members will receive exclusive offers and services before we announce them.  Total Cryptos has an R&D department that’s always experimenting with the latest technologies in Blockchain.  The core of our business - information.

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The Crypto Currency Market is changing rapidly - change with it.


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