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Bloc10 Launches Total Cryptos Beta release

Bloc10 has been working hard on Total Cryptos for months, so without further delays we are proud to announce the release of our product service Total Cryptos:

At Total Cryptos we’ve created a high quality core data engine that pulls Crypto currency price data from more than 100+ sources around the world.  We process the data using filters, data checks, volume adjustments, and other algorithms in real-time which results in our own “Total Cryptos” price.  You may have noticed that the price of Bitcoin fluctuates widely from exchange to exchange.  This is also the case for most Crypto currencies, not only Bitcoin.  So there wasn’t a place to get ‘the price’ for Bitcoin - until now.

Visit Total Cryptos and experience what Crypto Currency really is.

This is a beta release, that means we are still working around the clock around the globe on products for our users, such as our user portal, FX tools, and a Machine Learning engine that will predict the future price of Crypto currencies.

See our video walk through for the site, a video overview of

Total Cryptos Main Page video walkthrough

Total Cryptos has a simple slogan that represents what we are about.

Total Cryptos: Information.  Decision.  Results.

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