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Total Cryptos adds new listing feature

Recently added crypto currencies — Do you want to know what are the newest Crypto Currencies in the market?  Checkout Total Cryptos new listing feature, you can find it on the homepage of or click here to see the new Crypto Currencies on the list.

Bloc10 has been busy - not only have we launched Total Cryptos Portal, we’ve been adding features to it, including forums, products, services - such as hedging programs, and more.

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The Crypto Currency industry is evolving rapidly.  We are aligning ourselves for big growth.  Those who are interested in working with Bloc10 we suggest to sign up as a Total Cryptos member first.  Our membership offers the Bitcoin Bot, customized Crypto analysis exclusively offered at Total Cryptos, and much more.

We’ve even been featured in the atl-news media, zero hedge - See the article here “Traders take to Crypto like bees to beer” 

It’s starting to get interesting, when the alt media picks you up.  In fact, Total Cryptos is working on designing a news aggregator, and other features in our analysis portal that will be better than coindesk.  Crypto news is good, but there isn’t a real time trading news feed, like there is for stocks (such as Dow Jones).  We plan on rolling this out in the fall as part of our zDATA service.

As of now, 7/8/2018 - we are just days away from launching a fully automated intelligent trading service we’re calling iCATS.

See you in the Total Cryptos Portal (by the way, it’s free to join, free to participate - free to get data.)

Total Cryptos - Crypto Data, Trading Strategies, Research & Analysis, Forums, and more.  Only at

crypto currency members


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